Back Facial Treatment in Dubai: Achieve Clear, Radiant Skin with Bionix Clinic

People often have a brighter side and a darker one. This can also be true for those who have a clear, glowing face but struggle with an acne-prone and dull back. This often leads to self-consciousness, making them avoid backless attire and social gatherings. For those looking for a solution, Bionix Clinic offers an effective and affordable Back Facial Treatment in Dubai, designed to reduce acne and improve skin clarity. Our specialized treatment addresses all aspects of back skincare, ensuring a rejuvenated and vibrant back. Say goodbye to back acne and dullness, and embrace a confident, clear-skinned you with our expert care.

Back Facial Treatment in Dubai at Bionix Clinic

What is a Back Facial?

A back facial is a targeted skincare procedure designed to enhance the appearance and restore the natural brightness of the back’s skin. This treatment rejuvenates the skin through various steps, including cleansing, scrubbing, extracting, and exfoliating. It covers the area from the neck to the end of the spine, removing dead skin cells, cleaning pores, and reducing acne, ultimately revitalizing the back and preventing future breakouts.


While the specific steps may vary between clinics, a back facial generally follows a series of steps akin to those used in facial treatments, focusing specifically on the back. The treatment targets acne, extraction/exfoliation, and deep pore cleansing, while also hydrating the skin to prevent it from becoming overly oily.

Steps Involved:

    1. Cleansing: The skin is cleaned with a cleanser to open pores and remove dirt.
    2. Scrubbing: A scrub is used to deeply clean the skin and extract dead cells, refreshing the skin.
    3. Exfoliation: An exfoliation cream is applied to further cleanse the pores and enhance the skin’s appearance.
    4. Massage: A massaging cream is applied to relax and hydrate the skin.
    5. Mask: A mask is used to close open pores, tighten the skin, and improve elasticity.

Before and After Treatment Tips

Before Treatment:

  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning for at least 24 hours.

  • Do not use harsh exfoliants or peels on your back.

  • Shower and clean your back thoroughly before the appointment.

After Treatment:

  • Keep the treated area clean and dry for 24 hours.

  • Avoid heavy sweating or activities that cause excessive perspiration.

  • Use a gentle moisturizer recommended by your skincare specialist.

Right Candidate for Back Facial Treatment

The right candidate for a back facial treatment includes individuals experiencing:

  • Acne breakouts on the back.
  • Oily or congested skin on the back.
  • Dull, uneven skin tone.
  • Dead skin build-up.
  • Anyone looking to improve the overall appearance and texture of their back skin.

Benefits of Back Facial Treatment

A back facial offers numerous benefits, helping you show off your back with confidence. These advantages include:

  • Fighting against acne and preventing new breakouts.
  • Restoring skin to its natural state.
  • Brightening the skin tone and enhancing texture.
  • Removing excess dirt and dead skin, and cleaning pores.
  • Revitalizing the skin for a fresh, clear look.
  • Reducing redness and healing broken skin.
  • Boosting confidence and happiness with a clear, healthy back.

Why Choose Bionix Clinic?

Many people suffer from acne on their upper back and shoulders, and the skin in these areas is as delicate as the skin on your face. Feeling self-conscious at the beach, pool, or any situation where your back might be exposed can be distressing. Let the experts at Bionix Clinic handle it for you. Our highly specialized skincare professionals are trained to safely extract blackheads, whiteheads, and acne blemishes from your delicate back and shoulders. We can also recommend products to keep your back skin clean, nourished, and protected.


Don’t let back acne and dullness hold you back. Bionix Clinic’s Back Facial Treatment in Dubai offers an efficient and effective solution to enhance your skin’s appearance. If you are considering getting this treatment done by a specialist, consult our skincare experts for free for the first time. Simply fill out the form below to learn more about the Back Facial Treatment in Dubai, its cost, and effectiveness. Our team will promptly respond to all your queries. Book a consultation today and take the first step towards achieving a clear, radiant back.

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